Projects supported by the Art Exhibition Committee


The Hawker Art EXhibition, through its successful fundraising since 1982 has supported the the following major projects in Hawker:
1993 Complete rebuilding of Supper Room, Kitchen and Bar of the Hawker Institute, owned by the Hawker District Council. Over $ 100,000
2002 Complete rebuilding of the front of the Institute in conjunction with the Flinders Ranges Council, the new owners of the building. Details below. Photographs $ 60,000
2003 A donation of $8000 in May 2003 towards the lighting of the sealed Hawker airstrip. $ 8,000

HAWKER INSTITUTE RE-MODELLED For a community organisation to be able to contribute $60,000 to a project is a huge achievement, which is what’s happened in Hawker during 2002.

The Hawker Art Exhibition Committee has contributed the impressive amount to re-modelling the front foyer and toilet area of the Hawker Institute building. This area, which was opened in 1968 as modern additions to the 1893 building, was knocked down and cleared this week in quick time. Heath Fels, General Builder, who won the contract to rebuild the foyer and toilets, completed the work by April 30, with the use of local contractors.  New work has been designed to blend in with the post office building next door, with stone work matching in with the original stone work of the main hall.

Joy Boettger, Art Exhibition Secretary, said, “These renovations needed to be done because of the poor condition of what was the library, foyer and toilets. Major cracking had occurred and we were forever patching up the damage to make the building presentable.

The Art Exhibition committee saw the renovations as the next step to upgrading of the Institute and approached Council with the proposal.

Matching the commitment of $60,000 by the Art Exhibition Committee, was the Flinders Ranges Council and Hawker Electricity Fund, who together contributed about another $60,000.


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